Renovations are about more than adding paint and shiny amenities. They’re about remaining viable.

“As a landlord of an existing building, you always have to upgrade,” Feldman says. “You can’t sit on your laurels. That’s why every building we buy, one of the first things we set out to do is figure out what requires renovating and improving,” Feldman says.

Increasingly, landlords such as Feldman Equities, Tower Realty Partners and City Office REIT are proactively spending money to improve office buildings to add new amenities desired by tenants, lighting to provide a more modern feel and tenant improvements aimed at convincing companies with younger workforces to sign leases.

“There was so much hidden potential in Park Tower,” says City Office Vice President of Operations Ken Pool. “The results are evident.”

Office landlords embarking on improvements to remain competitive | Business Observer

Tampa landlords like Feldman Equities, Farley White Interests, Denholtz Associates and Convergent Capital Partners say continual upgrades and improvements to office buildings are necessary to remain viable.

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